XIROSTART template

The XiroStart template is an improvement over the Cassiopeia template for Joomla 4.
It does not use the CSS Grid layout, it only uses Bootstrap 5. The mod_menu with layout file boostrap, does not use MetisMenu, uses Bootstrap 5 Navbar. To edit mod_menu layout boostrap, Use the Template Manager.

Info XIROSTART template

  • Free
  • Include:
  • Compatibility: J4
  • Developer: Xiroweb.com


For J4, J5
Download 2.0.2


Version 2.0.2

+ Update css to Bootstrap 5.3
+ Fix UI edit module and item on Frontend

How Update to new version

XiroStart don't include url check version. Download zip and install to update to new version.


  • Option Hide Generator at html soure Meta tag Head
  • Hide some modules when layout form edit.
  • UI edit form on Frontend.
  • It does not use the CSS Grid layout by Cassiopeia template.
  • only uses Bootstrap 5
  • layout boostrap of mod_menu uses Bootstrap 5 Navbar, does not use MetisMenu.

Install Sample Data Blog for Demo site

Download and install XIROSTART template


Edit frontend - module menu, custom html